Create ANN Thread and Manager all replies

I will use Newbie Member account to create Ann thread, you will have to give me all the information you want to post.

  • The website, All information, including Whitepaper
  • Your campaign, for example, Date ICO,┬áthe Trading platform you can put your token in the future
  • Give me your Ann Thread design. (ex: BBCODE post)
  • An employee can answer the questions we ask. There will be questions that we can not explain. We pass on to you, and you reply. Next, we will respond to the topic.

We’ll up Bitcointalk token thread, generating active discussions in the community, and attracting new users.

  1. You will receive 2-5 pages per day
  2. All questions and quality answers
  3. You will be rewarded with 10-20 Newbie Member account sets the signature of your project
  4. We’ll keep your Ann Thread in page #1 (max 4hours/day)
  5. Random 20-50 JR, Hero, Legend Sr account replies
  6. Use 200-500 Newbie Member account go to your Ann Thread and create excitement for it